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The Dutch West India Company appoints "Director-General" as governor of New Netherlands and creates a council which advises the governor, votes on local regulations and has judiciary powers.Initial move toward self-government when a "burgher government," a municipal corporation, is set up in New Amsterdam.English retake New Amsterdam, when the Dutch and English come to a peace agreement. Sir Edmund Andros is appointed by the king as New York's royal governor.Andros reintroduces English form of government, makes English official language, and recommends an elected assembly to the Duke of York, but he refuses it.Governor Dongan, his Council and delegates meet at Fort James in New York City and pass the "Charter of Liberties and Privileges" which establishes an elected Assembly to share legislative power with the governor and his Council.After the governor and Duke of York approve the Charter, this assembly under the British meets between 16. During his rule, he rejects New York's Charter of Liberties and Privileges and in 1686 the Assembly is abolished.Governor Peter Stuyvesant appoints burgomaster and schepens (i.e.

Dutch Captain Anthony Colve becomes "directkor" and rules via military law.

In December of 1653, the governor dismisses demands for increased self-government from a delegation representing the settlers.

In the Charter of 1664, New Netherland is claimed for England by King Charles II, who gives it to his brother, James, the Duke of York and Albany and later known as King James II.

The Opportunity Zones program was enacted as part of the 2017 federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and is designed to drive long-term capital investments into low-income rural and urban communities.

Exploring on behalf of the Dutch (Dutch East India Company), Englishman Henry Hudson sails what we now call the Hudson River.

For the next ten years, British Parliament passes several acts taxing colonies without representation.



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