Who is ed hartwell dating

I respect her for being EJ’s mom because I love him dearly and our connection is that we’re going to have the same ex-husband and our children will be siblings, but beyond that, that’s all.

And a pretty big number of them have also had a divorce from their spouses since appearing on the show, sometimes whilst still on it and sometimes in the aftermath.

Lisa Wu, a reality tv show star on Real Housewives of Atlanta has been famous for her show and her divorce and relation with her ex-husband, Ed Hartwell including all her drama with her husband and friends!

After a few years of their love affair, they tied the knot in 1992.

Some alleged that it was possibly their financial troubles that led to their separation, which took place sometime in 2010.

Lisa confirmed on Twitter that, yes, they were separated, but no, it had nothing to do with money.After six years of their marriage, her husband Hartwell filed for divorce in August 2011 and they divorced in October 2011.



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