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This is one movie that I could probably watch every few weeks and still love. I have loved other "blockbuster love story movies" like Pretty Woman and when Harry met Sally.

I think their up there but there is something about Dirty Dancing that just makes it absolutely perfect.

It all comes apart when Johnny's friend falls seriously ill after her abortion and Baby gets her father, who saves the girl's life.


Dawn Richard: I always thought that we were always put in situations where men in the industry were always belittling us and pitting us against each other. It's so much bigger than that even though, you're right, it was extremely sexist.

That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I'd never find a guy as great as my dad. See more » This timeless summer love story is a classic and will never be dated.



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