Who is cathy hughes dating


They lost all of their beer business because their median age was not 21 and when the information became well-known that they are basically a teen network, the liquor companies could no longer advertise with them.

With the launch of the Centric network, do you feel like they’re trying to encroach on your market?

“Mogul” in its present overuse, is like the retired boxer of dictionary words: it used to pack a lot of punch, but now it’s gotten kind of flaccid and nondescript.

Cathy Hughes doesn’t care much for the term either, especially when it’s being used to describe her. I hate that title because I’m still very much a work in progress,” she insists.

What did you learn from that experience and do you have plans to do another scripted series? We’ve got four areas that African-Americans have historically been closed out of. Oh, I think radio will continue to reinvent itself. Your son Alfred Liggins is chairman of TV One and CEO and president of Radio One.

So those four episodes were a test and proved that that’s what our audience wanted to see. I think it will remain the number one way to reach communities of color. Because the competition for airtime is so stiff, what advice would you give to those radio personalities looking to stand out and break into large markets? Is it your plan to step down one day so he can fully run both companies?

They’re owned by the same company who decides what’s going to be on MTV and VH1, so there’s no relationship there.


We literally outsold our competitors because although we were outresourced by them — meaning they’re much bigger with more money and more people — they were not able to outservice us.She created the radio format The Quiet Storm in the 1970s on Howard University's WHUR.Cathy Hughes worked at the newspaper Omaha Star and worked at KOWH in Omaha. She founded Radio One with her former husband Dewey Hughes and purchased radio station WOL 1450.In that short time, Hughes had taken annual revenues at the station from 0,000 to more than .5 million. Almost 15 years later, launched TV One, a network targeting African-American adults and presently available in some 38 million households.

In 1979, Hughes and then-husband Dewey Hughes sought financing to purchase their own radio station and were rejected by 32 banks until they secured lending to buy WOL, a small Washington, D. Birthdate: April 22 Hometown: Omaha, NE Education: Studied at University of Nebraska-Omaha and her father’s alma mater, Creighton University, but never completed her degree Marital status: Divorced First section of the Sunday Times: Metro Favorite TV show: Unsung Guilty pleasure: “Ice cream. We could go on air and say that a family is in need and immediately get people responding and being of assistance to them.Cathy Hughes net worth: Cathy Hughes is an American entrepreneur, television and radio personality, and business executive who has a net worth of 0 million.



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