Vanessa from saturdays dating top 10 chicago dating sites


– spent most of last year on tour with the girls and their boyfriends.He said: “Me and the other boyfriends would go shopping and have a laugh together while the girls were rehearsing.Adam said: “When we have time off we just like to relax together and have a laugh. She’s popped off to get her nails done and I’m carrying the shopping bags. We want to go on safari in July, if we can squeeze in a week off work between us.” The love-struck couple are now flat-hunting for a luxury pad in London.



As the couple began dating, Vanessa’s band notched up four Top Ten hits and a Top Ten debut album, Chasing Lights. We’re just chilled out together and we have a laugh.He said: “I met Vanessa about six months after The X Factor had finished.


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