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Cronin and Taylor (1992) argued that using the difference score between expectation and performance in SERVQUAL may not be appropriate and they have developed a new instrument, which is called SERVPERF, to measure service quality based only on customer perception of performance.

After many studies have examined the suitability of SERVQUAL in measuring service quality in different types of service, they tried to adapt the original 22 SERVQUAL items to various service contexts by slightly changing the original items.

RESEARCH HYPOTHESES The growing importance of service quality in the retail environment leads us to examine the following questions concerning the relationships among service quality, customer retention rate, and word-of-mouth in the retail environment.

Mummalaneni and Wilson (1989) argue that satisfaction leads to binding the customer and the seller together and strengthening their relationship.

(5) Policy, which captures aspects of service quality that are directly influenced by store policy.

Because Dabholkar’s measurement scale was designed specifically for the retail environment, we assume that the Retail Service Quality Scale is a better method to correctly measure the quality of service in a retail environment than the other general scales such as SERVQUAL or SERVPERF.

In the area of retail market, only few researches (Finn and Lamb 1991, Dabholkar et al.

Perceived service quality is measured by subtracting customer perception scores from customer expectation scores, both for each dimension and overall.

(2) Reliability, which is similar to the SERVQUAL reliability dimension, except that it has two subdimensions and a couple of other variables.

(3) Personal interaction, which has two subdimensions (4) Problem solving, which addresses the handling of product returns and exchanges as well as of complaints.

(3) Responsiveness, which refers to the willingness of service providers to help customers and provide prompt service.


(4) Assurance, which relates to the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.Sang-Lin Han and Sung-Tai Hong (2005) ,"Effects of Service Quality on Customer Retention and Word-Of-Mouth in a Retail Setting: Comparative Study of Different Scales", in AP - Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research Volume 6, eds.


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