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Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As System. Object Collection class you can also add items using the Data Source property of the List Control class.

This example requires that the code is located in and called from a Form. In addition to adding items using the Add method of the List Box.

There is also an option of showing a multi-select listbox, or a single-select version (this is helpful when working with dependent lists -- you don't want multiple items selected in the main columns).

The kit has 3 sample files, and a user guide, with details and screen shots, on how to add this technique to your own workbooks.

The Horizontal Extent property, Get Item Height, and Get Item Rectangle also help you draw your own items.

You can use owner-drawn List Box controls to display variable-height items, images, or a different color or font for the text of each item in the list.

The code checks to see if the cell has data validation list, and then gets the name of the list. Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) Dim rng DV As Range Dim old Val As String Dim new Val As String Dim str List As String On Error Resume Next Application. Special Cells(xl Cell Type All Validation) On Error Go To exit Handler If rng DV Is Nothing Then Go To exit Handler If Not Intersect(Target, rng DV) Is Nothing Then If Target. NOTE: Click this link to see how to create a User Form with a List Box When the form opens, the Initialize code sets the source for the listbox, based on the data validation list in the active cell Private Sub cmd OK_Click() Dim str Sel Items As String Dim l Count List As Long Dim str Sep As String Dim str Add As String Dim b Dup As Boolean On Error Resume Next str Sep = ", " With DV For l Count List = 0 To . It also has buttons to Clear all the selections, and select all the items.

All the selected items are added to the cell, separated by a comma and space character.I have a List Box bound to an Observable Collection of type T - each List Box Item is a checkbox with Is Checked bound to a bool property in T. I want to validate the checked items in the List Box so that at least one checkbox must be ticked - if none of the check boxes are ticked I want to show a red border (standard validation notification) around the List Box. You can use the Draw Mode property, and handle the Measure Item and Draw Item events so you can override the automatic drawing that Windows provides and draw the items yourself.

To String()) ' Display the index of the first selected item in the List Box. Typically, Windows handles the task of drawing the items to display in the List Box. The Items, Selected Items, and Selected Indices properties provide access to the three collections that are used by the List Box.


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