Updating twitter and facebook at the same time do dating scans date from conception

Though I suggest, disable certain things like Images, Links, videos, notes, Events and only keep the status updates to be auto-published.

This will help in decreasing noise and if you are using any other service like feed burner or Socialoomph to auto-publish your blog content, you will not see a duplicate Tweet.

This new Facebook twitter integration will let you auto post your public status updates from Facebook to Twitter.

Though right now this feature is only available for Facebook pages but I assume, we may see this feature for Facebook profile too.

You can choose who can see your posts using both Twitter and Facebook privacy settings. Therefore, privacy settings on Facebook may not apply to Twitter and vice versa.

My Pad is an app for your i Phone that combines not only Facebook and Twitter but also Instagram. Through My Pad , you can post to all three social mediums at the same time.

If you decide you no longer want automatic posting or want to turn off auto-posting to certain sites, you can do so at any time.


forwards tweets to your Facebook as status updates and can be accessed via your i Phone Twitter app.It converts "@name" replies to regular names on Facebook and allows links to be included.You can also connect with and track the number of clicks for each of your posted links.Here is a quick guide for all who are looking to update their Twitter status via Facebook.

As I mentioned above, only status update which are set to public, will be auto publish into your Twitter account.To get started go to this link and select the page on which you wish to link Facebook to Twitter.



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