Updating trainz asset australiadating net

If this is the case, open the model in Explorer, use a program like Paint. They need to be this size, as other sizes won't work.Performing an extended database repair in Content Manager (File/Extended Database Repair...), will rebuild the Trainz asset database by scanning the assets.If your Trainz PC is not connected to the internet, or you want to download and apply the patch manually, you can download it here: (Click to view Service Pack change list) A hot fix patch has been released for TS2010 SP3 that contains a fix for the issue some users were seeing where Trainz would hang indefinitely when saving a route or session.Further minor changes are also added to save functionality to ensure greater stability.Some asset KUIDs may be in the format ' There is a known issue where some models will not commit, due to a 'file access error'.This occurs when one or more of the model's texture files is 4096x4096 pixels in size.


You need to have your Trainz PC connected to the internet and your Planet Auran account details entered in the Launcher settings to use the auto-patch feature.

You may also want to try installing the patch under Safe Mode in Windows.

Please note - To avoid any complications while patching, we recommend doing the following: Please clear out the Temp folder on your computer.

You can download the SP1 patch from one of these links: Build 37625 - Patches have now officially been released for the TS2009 add-on packs.


These patches can be used on any installation, whether they are installed as stand alone installs, as add-ons to Trainz Simulator 2009, Trainz Simulator 2010 or Trainz Simulator 12.

You can download SP1 from the following location: Please note - To avoid any complications while patching, we recommend doing the following: Please clear out the Temp folder on your computer.



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