The game and keyshia cole dating

But make no mistakes, this isn’t the only dude that she has on deck!Two weeks before she spent the weekend with Daniel, she was all cozied up with Floyd Mayweather, and our source close to Keyshia told us that they went to a “private after party” with just them two, if you know what I mean: Keyshia met Daniel on the 10th of March at the Clippers vs.

Apparently, she is dating Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and has been for a while now.You may have heard whispers along these lines a few days ago, but it’s only in recent hours that a reliable source has said anything on the situation.For those who haven’t heard, the word is that Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson and Keyshia Cole are an item.So, what do you think of this newest celebrity pairing?


Could Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole make a good couple?Their 18-month old baby along with close friends and family members were present in the dream Hawaiian wedding.


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    Lopez plays Affleck’s wife who dies in child birth shortly into the film.

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