Telugu dating free auntys

And they do all this while carrying a giant puppy face.

Probably they got some real shit at home and boy are they waiting to take it out on someone.

These are the ones who will constantly stare at any new entry in the compartment.

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My name is Aakhila Pavani and I am from Telugu Andhra Pradesh, live in city Nellore.

Every person has dream to live happy life and marry with a good and well-educated person.


Whether a short skirt, a new kurta, in-trend hair-do, they will make sure to harmlessly hunt down each & every minute detail about you.After they acquire this super tiny space, they attempt to wiggle their huge butts into that little space and make other passenger try out different positions of acrobatics.They see that the seat is completely occupied and there is absolutely no space left to fit in, yet they still come, force people on ‘Making some space’ and then sit in that tiny little particle space.So dare you or your friend move an inch to accommodate yourself next to her, she will talk you down to no extent and the bonus, the rest of the compartment will carefully get down at their respective station while you are too shocked to even move.

These aunties are the classy looking ‘Mango’ bag carrying, working-class older women who can knock anyone to the floor with the might of their sparkly personality.

I am family-oriented, with kind heart and great wish to love and to be loved.


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