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especially given the fact that it's so out of character for her (or at least how I remember her).

Is this the type of reaction being articulated in this post? To be clear, I don't really feel disappointed in the artist herself, or any resentment toward her, obviously, because, well...

While I'm not a fan of country music, I'm the first to admit that Leann is an incredibly talented singer....

so I was SHOCKED to see her last night dancing around in a retro-style bathing suit while singing her new single. My thought was WHY would someone as talented as Leann need to be half naked while singing on stage....

Should we talk about how things like, for example, the way gender performance in pop culture plays a role in how we perceive gender in real life?


Being a woman does not make you immune from criticism when your work is problematic.

On the other hand, we have people who take advantage of the veneer of ‘criticism’ to spew misogyny and hatred about women.

This includes people in feminist spaces who judge creators for everything from showing too much skin to not being feminist enough.

(Britney Spears, popular target for slut shaming and accusations of being an ‘attention whore.’) There’s a reason that female creators on mixed-gender creative teams get all the blame for the mistakes while the men get a free pass.

I’ve seen female creators accused of tainting or ruining the creative teams they work with, and this carries a whiff of some very old ideas about women and their supposed ability to poison and corrupt everything they touch.

There’s a reason that when people talk about music and other work created by female artists, they don’t just talk about the art, but also about the way the artists dress. I don’t see the same scrutiny being applied to male creators.


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