Single parent dating calgary internet dating sites for professional people


There are over a million singles parents in Canada, and that number just keeps growing.

In fact according to Statistics Canada, the number of single parents in Canada has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, up 70% (!

There, our editorial team have put together scores of helpful articles on many different topics.

Ranging from the dos and dont’s of first messages, to how to nail a first date and when to have start defining the relationship, our articles will help you at every stage of a relationship.

Before introducing children to new partners it’s important to take your time and make sure you’ve gauged a real and lasting commitment from your partner to you and your relationship.

After all, children need to know that an addition to the family is a positive bonus and not someone that will rock the stability of family life.

If you’re a single parenting re-entering the dating world and interested in meeting other Canadian single dads or moms, Elite Singles has you covered! Over the last few decades the idea of the “typical” Canadian family has moved and changed far from traditional nuclear family unit.



We know re-entering the dating world can seem daunting, but don’t fret — it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed.See for yourself just how many single Calgarians are online and eager to meet someone like you! Hit the hot spots on 17th Avenue together or meet for coffee at Higher Ground.The possibilities are endless when all of Calgary is your playground!Single parent dating is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and lasting happiness, so don’t let doubts hold you back!

To help put your nerves at ease, Elite Singles provides plenty of support in our online magazine.

One of the most important things about single parent dating is spending what little free time you have with someone who will genuinely compliment your life — especially if the goal is finding a long-term partner.


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