Robert deniro dating

After over a decade of being married, the film duo called it quits on amicable terms.Toukie Smith (ex-partner) Duration of Relationship: 1988 – 1996 (8 years) Date of Birth: April 25, 1955 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Toukie is an actress and former model who was a long time lover to the exceptional De Niro.The legendary actor has been married twice and is the father to six children.Read on to see all about his family members and the role they assume in his life. (father) Date of Birth: May 3, 1922 Date of Death: May 3, 1993 (aged 71) Zodiac Sign: Taurus Robert Henry was best known as the father of the highly actor who also happened to be his namesake but career wise, he was also a success.



at a summer school for painters and they eventually got married sometime in December 1942.

She was raised in a Presbyterian family but in her adulthood she became an atheist.


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