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[…] Valvoline motor oil was founded back in 1866 by Dr.

John Ellis, one of the pioneers for the refinement of crude oil.

In 2015, BHP Billiton spun off a number of its subsidiaries in South Africa and Southern Africa to form a new company known as South32.


The initial offer of 3.4 shares of BHP Billiton stock for each share of Rio Tinto was rejected by the board of Rio Tinto for “significantly undervaluing” the company.

He originally hoped that oil would have medicinal properties but failed in that endeavor. Valvoline motor oil was used in the first North American car race […] In 1887, Canada’s Prime Minister, John Macdonald, and Parliament incorporated The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.

At the time, it was not unusual for politicians to be involved in private companies and it was not considered to be a conflict of interest.

Headquarters for the company remain in Melbourne, Australia.

Question 1: What is the phone number for BHP Group?

and wondered if I’d want him to write-up his perspective. As women, we analyze and then over analyze what little we know of the male brain to no end.



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