Pandoras box dating system review

While I was in college, my friends and I had this brilliant idea to hide little mini tape recorders in the bathrooms during parties. but what a woman responds to in bed is largely based on personality) There is so much more to the Pandora’s Box System than I can cover in this short review.

d) If you want to create a strong “connection” how to do it differently for each of the “types” e) How to read her body language (You’ll quickly know whether she likes you or you’re wasting your time) f) What type of sex she responds best to (You wouldn’t think it…


Unless you lived on another planet you probably got tons of emails about Vin’s Pandora’s Box program. He covers: a) The most effective way to approach the different “types” b) What kind of flirting that each type responds best to (This was pretty mind blowing as I realized why some women just don’t respond to “teasing.”) c) Best ways to escalate with each type (this was really informative cuz women respond SO differently to escalation.


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