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That’s because developers are constantly researching new and emergent threats – when they ship an update it’s in your best interests to download that.

It’s possible that the update includes some new source code that helps quell attacks and fights malware.

As mentioned earlier, VPNs can spoof your location and make it seem that you’re in a different city or town.

Other features like perfect forward secrecy and an internet kill switch mean that the company goes the extra mile to ensure your connection stays out of harm’s way.

We understand paid VPN services like the one we’ve recommended in this article entail a cost, but you definitely get what you’re paying for.

It’s tempting to opt for a free VPN because there’s no upfront payment involved, but such services have a plethora of other concerns.

This makes it easy to access your online banking from anywhere in the world, even when banks geo-restrict their websites and services or flag foreign logins for fraud.


In this post, we’ll explain how to use a VPN to safely access online banking and provide additional tips for boosting your online security. This provider ships with some of the toughest encryption protocols in the industry and has a network of more than 2,000 servers from across the world to choose from.These providers deploy criminally weak encryption standards, have a choice of only a small number of servers, and are known for their slow speeds.


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