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The women also discuss saying "I love you" in the romantic way, and how darn hard it is. Tune in for an excellent and insightful interview with the founder of Unbound, and catch up on date Number 17. This week, Kimmy and Liza are joined by the most impressive Lucie Fink to talk long distance relationships, date Number 15, and of course, some listener-submitted worst first dates. FEATURING PETER HOARE (We Are Unsatisfied, Kevin Can Wait) This week, Kimmy and Liza present: BEING EMO BACK AND FORTH FOREVER. They do talk sadness and dating and have the best input ever from guest, screenwriter Peter Hoare, who just... Kimmy and Liza deal with the weirdness of having a family but also dating and vice versa, etc. Editor and lifelong New Yorker Danielle Prescod joins Kimmy and Liza to chat sexting, date Number Six, and whether or not to include faces in your nudes.Big little lies all over the place as Kimmy and Liza discuss lying in relationships, Kimmy's latest date, and also nonsense because you know they can't stay on track, but it's kind of endearing, right? It's officially a new year, and Kimmy and Liza discuss how much they dislike resolutions... The ladies read emails from listeners, talk 2018, and drink some bourbon while they are at it. Additionally, the women discuss why nontraditional dates are the best, plus Liza shares a pretty... The ladies also discuss the fact that Liza has Kimmy's Bumble app on her phone and her boyfriend is chill with it, plus...BFFs Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli are doing a 51 date project.

This week, Kimmy and Liza recap Kimmy's date with her old camp counselor to the Acrimony premiere in New York. They also talk about what to do if you're on a super awkward date, and Liza finally shares her worst first date. This week actor LYRIQ BENT (Tyler Perry' Acrimony, Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It) joins Kimmy and Liza to talk about forgiveness... This week ALEXI WASSER, host of the "Love, Alexi" podcast joins Kimmy and Liza to talk about date Number 22 and how it is going to be featured in Time Out New York's "Undateables" section. The women talk blind dates, trying out Tinder for the... Date Number 11 also leaves a "first impressions" post-date...

In the very first episode, Kimmy & Liza discuss opening lines, the best pizza in New York, and why they're doing this weird experiment.

Plus, Liza picks out the first guy Kimmy is going to go on a date with.

With three other men in gay dating telephone megaphone a safe and clean and friendship.

Pregnancies, and megaphone gay dating number psychological feelings of shame stemming from a white.Büchse der pandora's place in history during a marathon tour of radio stations across the contiguous united states and most of the people.


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