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The former Chiefs running back took to Twitter after a video surfaced of Kansas City's current rusher shoving a woman several times, and later kicking her as she was hunched over on the ground. "I thought I was a perfect example of what NOT to do!!!!

The footage is believed to be related to an alleged altercation dating back to February at The Metropolitan at the 9, Hunt's hotel apartment located in downtown Cleveland. "I thought by speaking aloud about my pitfalls that players after me could see these situations before they'd happen."REALLY F-ING UPSET KAREEM......" I thought I made my mistakes painfully clear!!!!

They were here to talk about their minds and their mental health, and the way the producers had decided to get into that was to get them talking about their darkest times.


Johnson battles self-destructive impulses."There ain't nothing but negativity in these headlines," Portis said."That's the idea," a producer replied.We were caught off guard today with the news that Colin Kaepernick and the NFL reached a settlement on Kapernick’s collusion case.I for one wasn’t expecting Colin to settle with the league, but since he did, the NFL must have a lot of damning evidence they want to keep quiet.But in 2005, he was again arrested for assault when a woman accused Johnson of pushing her to the ground.

This case was also dropped after the woman failed to appear in court.Total Pro Sports – After reading that Larry Johnson Goes Chasing Old Waterfalls To Brighten His Dark Days, we noticed something we thought was pretty odd in the photo.


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