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The center of the tree can burn, but the redwood is still alive.(Kids have fun stepping inside these “chimney trees.”) Fires are part of the redwood forest ecosystem – fires reduce overgrown plants and shrubs on the forest floor, providing more light for new redwood trees to grow.You won’t find groves of coast redwoods here, but there is one ancient redwood tree that looks like something in a fantasy forest.Take the Vineyard Trail to see this extraordinary tree estimated to be 2,000 years old, a maze of gnarled side branches and new mini-trunks that grow out of the main trunk high up.Along the trails in the redwood groves, you’ll see numbers of fallen redwood trees.


The trees grow from tiny seeds that pop out of cones, or they can sprout from bulging burls around the base of the living redwood.

Visit nine different California parks to discover spectacular coast redwoods, from the top of northern California down to the central coast.

Coast redwoods grow more than 300 feet high, taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Essential to a healthy forest, fallen trees become “nurse logs” – ferns, fungus and wildlife make their home here.

Jedediah Smith State Park has multiple redwood groves.

More than just redwoods, along with lush fern meadows and lichen-draped trees, in season are blooming rhododendron “rose trees,” purple Douglas iris, orange tiger lilies, white sand strawberries flowers.


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