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The Brentwood Station blog is a great resource for this project as well as SOLO District across the street: By Grant Granger - Burnaby News Leader A concept plan for the massive redevelopment of Brentwood Town Centre that could take 30 years to complete will go to a public hearing Aug. A report to city council this week said Shape Properties is proposing a concept that would be a complete redevelopment of the 28-acre Brentwood mall site.If it is carried out, it would have up to 11 residential high rises and two office towers ranging from 25 to 70 stories, townhouses, a large amount of retail at ground level and a public plaza for year-round activity. I could see the Brentwood district developing into another "Metrotown." This is a HOT site .....


However, not long thereafter, 1 Albright (19), basing his interpretation on results of excavations at Beth Shan (Fitzgerald, 19) and Jericho (Droop, 1935), introduced the convention “ Chalcolithic” to * We are grateful to J. C.) has been the subject of considerable debate concerning the origins of metallurgy (1), the emergence of specialized pastoralism (2), the development of craft specialization, formalized trade (3), temple precints (4) and other aspects of culture change in the period which precedes the establishment of the first Early Bronze Age cities in Palestine. In general, raw data and detailed discussions of theory are not included here. Lovell for suggesting another meaning for this “ London Transit System warning”. Dunand (1949-1950), apparently following Mallon and a line of reasoning based on his own comparanda from the Levant, Egypt and Syria, placed Teleilat Ghassul between the Énéolithique (i. e., EB I) periods, thus suggesting it as transitional between the two periods.

In this paper, a brief summary of the architecture and selected finds from the 1982-1984 excavations in the village and mortuary complex are presented. of Isotopes, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, kindly processed charcoal samples.

All images and video in this post are the property of Shape Properties Phase one retail plans and gallery pictures: A massive redevelopment has been proposed for the current site of Brentwood Town Centre.



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