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Wolfe Herd, 29, is joined by three female Bumble staffers in sweatpants and company T-shirts, Mac Books clutched under their arms. The mood is buzzing, on-brand—business meeting meets pajama party.A company by women for women: Bumble was founded on this idea before it became fashionable, in what could be called the Pre Too era, in the days before power woman T-shirts were sold at J. It began as a dating app with a simple concept: Give women the agency to dictate their own relationships and overturn the dynamics of online courtship by letting them make the first move.Anton Orekh, a commentator for the Ekho Moskvy radio station, said Russian citizens don't have to worry about the government peeking at their love messages on Tinder.The state does not have the resources to read this "gigantic volume of messages and stickers." "While the authorities are trying to keep a few hundred opposition activists on a leash, they are really poking their nose in the life of millions of apolitical citizens, slowly turning these citizens against them," he said.Now, Bumble wants to be nothing less than a purveyor of female empowerment worldwide, a social and professional network as much as a romantic one.The app, which now includes Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, claims more than 50 million users, and adds half a million more every week.Maria Snegovaya, a former columnist for the business daily Vedomosti, agreed, saying the secret services collect more data than they can possibly analyze."Fortunately for a lot of Russian people, that is a salvation and hopefully that is going to be the case here," Snegovaya, now an adjunct fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, told RFE/RL.


The crowd hushes and parts when Chopra and Jonas enter, around p.m., Wolfe Herd following behind them.

The dating app experienced a huge spike in usage in Russia during the World Cup in 2018.


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