Hovind carbon dating


Apparently, the students and operators of the "college-camp site" aren't as smart as a child and can't see the flaws in Hovind's arguments as he was invited back to teach "Presuppositional Evangelism in the 21st Century" in 2014.

Hovind does not accept the scientific fact of evolution and ignores the fossil evidence, DNA evidence, Amino acid evidence and several branches of science that support common descent as well as mounds of scientific literature.

While there in front of the press and his own camera person, Hovind climbed atop the monument after the dedication ceremony and began to preach, before he was shouted down by the crowd shortly after. During the debate, Hovind embarrassed himself by making a ridiculous claim that American public schools teach children they are "cousins of bananas", and that they "evolved from rocks." Hartmann later told Hovind that his claims were "neither accurate nor scientific.” In June 2016, Hovind raised over ,400 (including "salaries") from supporters to "protest" a "protest" at the Ark Encounter so people could learn the "truth." That is, Hovind asked, "Do you believe we came from an ape-like ancestor?

" only to be told, " “Apes don’t have tails — learn taxonomy!

Lanza earlier in the morning had killed his mother before taking her Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle to the school to kill children.

The crux of Hovind's argument was that in his words: "The Colorado River exits the Canyon at 1800 feet above sea level, it enters the Canyon at 2800 feet above sea level." The problem with this is it is flat out wrong.

He even ignores the fossil from his own state, the Mazon Creek Fossil bed discovering of The Tully Monster.

This means Hovind has no education or credentials in science.

He has admitted that he has never taken a class on evolution at a secular college and judging from Hovind's own biography he hasn't even spent one day in any science class at an accredited community college.In response to the mass murder, Eric Hovind tweeted that same day: "are you happy now that the shooter grew up in a school without God?



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