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Witton creates video blogs and informational content which is mostly based around relationships, sex and sexual health; liberation and welfare issues; literature; and travel. Though she grew up in England, Witton lived in Austin, Texas for one year as a child.

She attended Loreto Sixth Form College in Hulme, Manchester, and then the University of Birmingham where she studied a degree in History and was especially interested in sexual history.

Brindley first started his career as a freelance science journalist and technology scientist.Witton's video History of Homosexuality was a 2013 finalist in The Guardian and Oxford University Press Very Short Film competition.Hannah Witton is one of the three members of the internet-based reading club, known as "Banging Book Club".Stars competing for the mirrorball trophy this season include Lauren Alaina, Sean Spicer, Hannah Brown, Christie Brinkley, Karamo Brown, Lamar Odom, Ally Brooke, James Van Der Beek, Mary Wilson, Ray Lewis, Kel Mitchell, and Kate Flannery.


I knew something was up when Lewis started spending so much time with Sips: it was only a matter of time before the chemistry got too real. Given that it happened earlier in the year and they've done plenty of videos since then with no negativity or anything, and they both seem to be happy as things are, then there's nothing for any of us to be concerned about.This explains why Team DD is taking a break: it's too intense, too steamy for the two of them and it's getting pretty unproffessional. EDIT: In all seriousness, this was handled perfectly, which is rare on the internet. They've handled it very well and very maturely too.



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