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Live Agent will make sure that tickets, phone calls, and chats will be assigned to your agents in the right order to fulfill your service level agreements with your customers.

Does your help desk operate on 24/7/365, or does it work in a more traditional way, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday?

Time Rules are special rules that are not "action triggered", but time conditional. Change the ownership of a ticket to a different department or even an individual agent.

Time Rules run in the background in intervals (usually every minute) and check if the conditions are met. You always know who is responsible for solving each ticket.

Add tags on your tickets in order to get a better grasp on various support topics.

Also, use tags to differentiate important customers.

Each ticket has got a unique reference number, which helps you quickly locate, add to, or communicate the status of the user's issue or request.

Live Agent automatically sorts your company communication into tickets.

Additionally, you can force agents to submit the time spent manually, and add a note if necessary. You solve a vast variety of problems, questions, and issues every single day.

This requirement criteria may be based on any ticket parameter or event.

Rule evaluation can be triggered by events in the ticket’s lifecycle or by time based conditions.

Define filters and transfer rules so that your tickets will always land in the right hands.


Specify different signatures, phone and chat answering rules for different departments.

Have all the important information about your customer and his issue available. The automated ticket distribution system makes sure your agents always have their optimal load. Rules automatically allow you to assign a ticket at any stage of life, to the individual support agent or whole department needed to fulfill the service.


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