Emotional purity in dating

When I first decided to save sex for marriage, it seemed like the obvious choice, given God’s commands and my commitment to my faith.


The purity was there, but Paul also condoned familiarity — even affection and love — with those of the opposite gender.

A performance-based rewards system in any area of our spiritual lives can become a problem, but it is particularly damaging in this case.

God designed sex to be a sacred bonding between a man and woman in a committed, covenant relationship. While saving intimacy for marriage is always best, we devalue God’s intent for sex when we view it as a reward for good behavior.

"Writing about the Amish lifestyle within fictional love stories has been a wonderful experience," Beth says.

"The Amish and Mennonite contacts I have established in Lancaster County help me to keep the books authentic.

In it, the speaker said, “Why would you want to have rushed sex in the back of a car? Now sex.” While he does make a point on the potential quality of those two encounters, his implication was that if you save sex for marriage, your reward will be amazing sex with your spouse.



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