Elephant dating site

I also only joined facebook in the past few months, where I still am too shy to list my “Relationship Status” (single).

Others are more bold in finding what they are looking for and use green dating sites.

While I’m not quite ready to take the leap in using these sites, I thought I’d list the many that I found, hoping that they may be of help to an eco boy or an eco girl out there!

And please comment and let us know if you’ve tried any of them.

The Concerned Singles ‘date base’ consists of people with whom you can have discussions rather than disagreements.

Here you can find a progressive partner and double the power of your vote!

Date for Trees: Donates a tree for each month of paid membership to partner American Forests.

Planet Earth Singles: Caters to “environmentalists, animal rights activists, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists and those who value personal growth and consciousness in general.” Earth Wise Singles: Includes “organic gardeners, farmers and ranchers” (my kind of people! Then I saw an interesting caption on the home page, “Why Date a Republican?


Pussy whipped = bad / Pussy power = rad So how do we find love (we refuse to quote Rhianna) in a less than hopeful place?

These dating and social networking sites are also free.

Care2: Community singles page of green living site Care2 (see video here).

Not to mention that amidst all of this, being as peaceful with ourselves and with others as possible.

Finding someone who understands this way of life seems key to me in a successful romantic relationship and certainly in a long-term partnership.Laura Brown enlightens us in this awesome elephant journal article.



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    It's only in their later years that they're pressured into being self-conscious and adopt older people's phobias about the body.

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