Dating ugly guy yahoo

You sound like a great guy, don't lose your confidence over this because confidence is one of those things which become so important! Considering you're working out and socializing and stuff, there isn't really anything you can do more.

A lot of you will question why I made the thread if I am as confident as I say ; the reality is deep inside I know that im hideous looking , every time I walk past a mirror I feel a pang in my heart as I'm reminded what everyone else is looking at .

This skincrawlingly creepy as hell "they want to produce the best offspring" rubbish, and insinuating we're all shallow and only want partners we can show off. Obviously this isn't a concious thing as OP is suggesting, but an inbuilt need to find a mate with whom we can create as high quality offspring as possible is definitely hardwired into our, and indeed every other living thing's, DNA.


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