Dating sites in lithuania intimidating slogan

One of my friends is a Lithuanian guy who married a Russian woman.

When I lived in Lithuania, I had a rule where I would approach at least two women every single day (or whenever I stepped outside).

Vilnius definitely feels more cosmopolitan of the two with its beautiful old town and a nice, modern “new town” part of the city.


If she shows interest, keep talking and then tell her that you’re a foreigner who’s here on a quick visit or if you live here as well.

One of the best things about Lithuania is its super-fast Internet that you can get for a very low price.

When I lived there, I enjoyed a 100Mb Internet for only something like /month.

On the other hand, Estonian is closely related to Finish.

Nevertheless, today Lithuania is quickly becoming an easy country to live and to do business.But something kept bothering me throughout my stay.


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    If you like many types of music and are willing to get on the dancefloor, they will really love it. The culture is also full of great food and cuisine.

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