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We currently reside in Nanticoke, PA with our two daughters and three cats.

We founded Puck Cancer in 2012 after Shawn’s mom lost her battle to cancer in 2011.

Throughout the year we host other fundraisers such as lottery raffles, bingos, hockey arena takeovers and more!

We are always looking for new things to do to help our cause.

The Medical Oncology Associates allowed Michelle to focus on healing, rather than money, and so Shawn was determined to do the same for as many people as he could.

The club's landing page - find all relevant information like the actual squad, related news, recent rumours and the most important information on the club's performance. In July of each year we host our Summer Festival and this is where the majority of our proceeds are made.During this event we have a hockey tournament, food, live entertainment, basket raffles, kids games, bounces houses, face painters and more!is a Fun, FREE to all participants event to educate local youth athletes on football, training, and life.

Local high school & college coaches from Northeastern Pennsylvania, plus friends and alumni from the University of Maryland will be on hand to guide students through a series of position specific drills and skills that will educate participants on how to increase their quality of play for the upcoming season. Wysocki Football Camp: John Mendola interviews Dallas Area Head Coach Rich Mannello about the upcoming 2017 Charlie D. The Cancer Institute invests all of its resources in this region.


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