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Nevertheless, there remains concern about human exposure due to the growing number of poisoning incidents, such as the inadvertent ingestion of dairy products or seafood contaminated by PCBs.

These toxic compounds also appear to accumulate in organisms and can cause endocrine disruption and reproductive disorders, such as infertility and miscarriage.

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of Qilu Hospital at Shandong University, and there is no conflict of interest.

Donors were informed about the purpose of the study and asked for their consent.

Sperm were collected by density-gradient preparation and prepared as described previously. The samples were centrifuged, and motile sperm were resuspended in G-mops containing Aroclor 1254 at different concentrations.

Aroclor 1254, a commercial PCB mixture containing 54% chlorine by weight, has been widely used in PCB toxicity research.

This mixture of more than 60 PCB congeners was chosen in this study because homologous compounds have been used in industry and organisms are never exposed to a single congener in the natural environment.

One class of persistent organic pollutant, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), was originally manufactured for industrial applications due to its insulating and flame-retardant properties.

Several recent studies on PCBs have found that they possess endocrine disrupting activity.Asian J Androl 2017;1-6How to cite this URL: Jiang LG, Cheng LY, Kong SH, Yang Y, Shen YJ, Chen C, Deng XH, Liu SZ, Chao L.


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