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Brought up in an industry where physical perfection is the norm, having an ugly boyfriend never happens to a successful model because it would also reflect badly on them and potentially impact their ability to market themselves as well.Most models remain single for a reason – it increases their sex appeal. Lifestyle Habits Models work very hard on keeping fit.But like most talented individuals there is a dark side to the modeling industry and the stresses of remaining employed as a model can exhaust the most resilient of minds and spirits. Can you deal with mixed emotionality or vulnerabilities? At the end of the day models are just the same as everyone else in many key areas.The only difference is that they are employed and challenged with the impossible task of maintaining a perfect and youthful appearance for as long as possible.And successful men are more than willing to treat a gorgeous young woman like a princess.You need money (and a lot of it) to attract and retain most models.Connections Are you the kind of person that can help her to launch her fashion line?

But if you are still convinced that you wish to date or marry a model, there are some basic rules you need to know in order to make that happen. Have you ever seen a successful businessman in the car with a grossly unattractive woman?This can include hair conditioning, waxing, laser treatments, microderm abrasion therapies, massage, personal trainers, dieticians and more.This ongoing maintenance does not come cheap and so the model while appearing to live the life of luxury is full time employed with the impossible task of looking perfect and staying that way.Dating a Model Dating a model isn’t as unattainable as you think it might be.


The model is just a person like everyone else and there are several factors which support the plausibility that a model might actually be interested in dating you. Models are usually very unlikely to date or marry someone from within their own industry for a reason.

Cruelly after dedicating themselves to the shallow industry aging models are simply not called back for well paying contracts.


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    Sure, they might not look great in their teens, but once they reach a certain age, you’ll question yourself why you didn’t try hooking up with a midget or two.

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    By sending your child's pictures in to a modeling agency with a child's modeling division.

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