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The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 11 caves along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea between 19.

There are around 981 different texts in total and almost all of the Hebrew Bible is represented in them.

Anthropologist Yossi Nagar, of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said analysis of 33 skeletons buried at Qumran were in line with a theory that the community consisted of a religious sect of men.

Previously, it has been claimed a community of celibate men lived at Qumran.

In addition to the well-known mummies of ancient Egypt, deliberate mummification was a feature of several ancient cultures in areas of America and Asia with very dry climates.

The Spirit Cave mummies of Fallon, Nevada in North America were accurately dated at more than 9,400 years old.

Before this discovery, the oldest known deliberate mummy was a child, one of the Chinchorro mummies found in the Camarones Valley, Chile, which dates around 5050 BC.



The skeletons are thought to be approximately 2,200 years old, according to radiocarbon dating, which is around the same age as the scrolls.

THE skeletons of 33 men at a 2,000-year-old site in the West Bank could solve the mystery of who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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