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"Last year, Mum was wearing a cowboy hat, a shirt and a swimming costume. And Dad was walking around with his shirt off and a pair of jeans."We were playing Pictionary and eating Swedish meatballs and drinking and singing songs."Anja and I used to have a game where we would pass messages under the door to each other," Conrad recalls.

At 30, Anja is eight years older than her brother and oozes glamour."LA is not an easy city to be broke in and alone, and I also missed my family a lot." Ironically, Anja returned home for a week's holiday in the mid 1990's and got a part in the TV series Flipper, which was a US production filmed in Australia."It was quite bizarre, playing an American in Queensland," she says.Conrad, of course, has won an army of fans as ambulance officer Scott Zinenko on Ward 17 and been nominated in the category of Most Popular New Male Talent at the upcoming TV WEEK Logie Awards. In this week's episode of All Saints, Anja appears alongside Conrad as a model who has been badly beaten by her boyfriend. " laughs Anja, whose credits include roles in Breakers, Flipper, The Lost World, Beastmaster and the 1996 film Dating the Enemy.


"I have a prosthetic cheek all blown out, bruising down my neck and a wired jaw with gauze up my nose." The intimacy and fights have been part of Conrad and Anja's lives since their childhood growing up in Sydney with Robert and their Swedish mum Lena.


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