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The maps on the server are managed using Source Mod, but it should be the same as changelevel.

A user attempted to load a map that we don't even run, so I'm assuming Source Mod is not the cause.

After 1 map, sure but not after 20 minutes of playing.Im not sure if its from them placing content on their own or not, but I've had at least 6 people report the problem.I can provide more pictures of different maps, on different platforms, if requested.Comp Specs: Intel i7 2600K Processor Intel DP67BG Motherboard 16GB Hyper X DDR3 1600 (2X) Sapphire HD6870 1GB [Catalyst 13.1] 120GB Hyper X SSD 500GB Western Digital HD Acer GD235HZbid Monitor Edit: As another user has pointed out, watching replays is 100% fine.

I experience no FPS drops even when watching replays of matches where I experienced 30-40 fps in the game.I'm not talking about a 3 minutes pause, changing sites and stuff.


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