C validating user input

In some situations, such as validating custom controls or supporting legacy browsers, additional scripting may be necessary to validate user input.Custom validation needs to notify users in an accessible way as described in the User Notifications part of this tutorial.Client-side validation alone does not ensure security; therefore data needs to be validated on the server-side as well.


Especially considering that security advice has changed over time, it can be confusing.Depending on your web browser, the “Range” input field will be displayed as a slider control to help users provide input more easily.Similarly, the “Number” input field may be displayed with buttons to increase or decrease the number incrementally.This means that validation needs to be carried out server-side as well.

Where possible, users should be able to check their input and correct it if necessary.This is useful for specific types of data patterns such as telephone numbers, postal codes, and serial numbers.



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