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Being part of the urban jungle that is Metro Manila, Valenzuela City used to lack spaces for leisure.

The city government, in 2014, conceptualized the Valenzuela City People’s Park as an urban community park where families can enjoy a day outdoors.

To this day, the belfry and the arched entrance serves as a reminder of the grand church that stood here. Called Arkong Bato, which means “stone arch,” this monument marks the boundary of the city with another city, Malabon.

Visitors, however, may be limited to view the house from the street as the premises is off-limits to the public.

Address: Velilla Street, Pariancillo Villa, Valenzuela, Metro Manila Duration: around 1 hour required.

Pio Valenzuela, a young medical doctor and the leader of the Philippine revolutionary movement, the Katipunan. Valenzuela was born and raised in this town, which was formerly called Polo.


According to the history books, Valenzuela was part of the triumvirate that led the movement, which included Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto.

Located in the city center, where the government offices are, it provides outdoor leisure activities to the public.



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