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    Confidence in the historical accuracy of these documents depends partly on whether they were written by eyewitnesses and contemporaries to the events described, as the Bible claims.

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    Arc Smoothness Moved from the Preferences object to the PViewport and Viewport object. Auto Save Path The name of this property has been changed to Auto Save Path. Insert Block(Insertion P oint, Name, Xscale, Yscale, ZScale, Rotation) Log File Name object. Text Override Text String (on Dimension objects) 222 | The name of this property has been changed to Log File Path. Many are part of the new Visual LISP development environment: New Auto LISP functions 228 | Name Name Name defun-q defun-q-list-ref defun-q-list-set vl-acad-defun vl-acad-undefun vl-arx-import vl-bb-ref vl-bb-set vl-cmdf vl-consp vl-directory-files vl-doc-export vl-doc-import vl-doc-ref vl-doc-set vl-every vl-exit-with-error vl-exit-with-value vl-file-copy vl-file-delete vl-file-directory-p vl-file-rename vl-file-size vl-file-systime vl-filename-base vl-filename-directory vl-filename-extension vl-filename-mktemp vl-get-resource vl-list* vl-list-string vl-list-exported-functions vl-list-length vl-list-loaded-vlx vl-load-all vl-load-com vl-load-dcl-resource vl-load-fas-resource vl-load-reactors vl-load-vba-resource vl-member-if vl-member-if-not vl-position vl-prin1-to-string vl-princ-to-string vl-propagate vl-registry-delete vl-registry-descendents vl-registry-read vl-registry-write vl-remove vl-remove-if vl-remove-if-not vl-some vl-sort vl-sort-i vl-string-list Appendix C Visual LISP Changes New Auto LISP functions (continued) Name Name Name vl-string-elt vl-string-left-trim vl-string-mismatch vl-string-position vl-string-right-trim vl-string-search vl-string-subst vl-string-translate vl-string-trim vl-symbol-name vl-symbol-value vl-symbolp vl-unload-vlx vl-vbaload vl-vbarun vlax-3D-point vlax-add-cmd vlax-create-object vlax-curve-get Area vlax-curve-get Dist At Param vlax-curve-get Dist At Point vlax-curve-get End Param vlax-curve-get End Point vlax-curve-get Param At Dist vlax-curve-get Param At Point vlax-curve-get Point At Dist vlax-curve-get Point At Param vlax-curve-get Start Param vlax-curve-get Start Point vlax-curve-is Closed vlax-curve-is Periodic vlax-curve-is Planar vlax-curve-get Closest Point To vlax-curve-get First Deriv vlax-curveget Closest Point To Projection vlax-curve-get Second Deriv vlax-dump-object vlax-ename-vla-object vlax-erased-p vlax-for vlax-get-acad-object vlax-get-object vlax-get-or-create-object vlax-get-property vlax-import-type-library vlax-invoke-method vlax-ldata-delete vlax-ldata-get vlax-ldata-list vlax-ldata-put vlax-ldata-test vlax-make-safearray vlax-make-variant vlax-map-collection vlax-method-applicable-p vlax-object-released-p vlax-product-key vlax-property-available-p vlax-put-property vlax-read-enabled-p vlax-release-object vlax-remove-cmd vlax-safearray-fill vlax-safearray-get-dim vlax-safearray-get-element vlax-safearray-get-l-bound vlax-safearray-get-u-bound vlax-safearray-put-element vlax-safearray-type New Functions | 229 New Auto LISP functions (continued) Name Name Name vlax-safearray-ename vlax-write-enabled-p vlisp-compile vlisp-import-exsubrs vlr-acdb-reactor vlr-add vlr-added-p vlr-beep-reaction vlr-command-reactor vlr-current-reaction-name vlr-data vlr-data-set vlr-docmanager-reactor vlr-deepclone-reactor vlr-dwg-reactor vlr-dxf-reactor vlr-editor-reactor vlr-insert-reactor vlr-linker-reactor vlr-lisp-reactor vlr-miscellaneous-reactor vlr-mouse-reactor vlr-object-reactor vlr-owner-add vlr-owner-remove vlr-owners vlr-pers vlr-pers-p vlr-pers-release vlr-reaction-names vlr-reaction-set vlr-reactions vlr-reactors vlr-remove vlr-remove-all vlr-sysvar-reactor vlr-toolbar-reactor vlr-trace-reaction vlr-type vlr-types vlr-undo-reactor vlx-loaded-p Changed Functions The arguments, return values, or both for these Auto LISP functions have been changed in Auto CAD 2000: Changed Auto LISP functions 230 | Name Name Name ssget trace type Appendix C Visual LISP Changes Object DBX Changes D In This Appendix This appendix lists the changes to the APIs that were only supplied with DWG Unplugged.

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