Brittany daniel dating 2016

, based on the wildly popular book series first published in 1984 by Francine Pascal.The Daniel sisters played Jessica (Brittany) and Elizabeth (Cynthia) Wakefield, teens who lived lives of intrigue and romance (sometimes they did homework) for four seasons before the show folded and the sisters moved onto other projects, both personal and professional. The popularity of the show earned both sisters a Young Artist Award in 1995 for playing the Wakefields.They equally featured in an ad campaign for bubble gum brand Doublemint.They started acting in 1989, marking their debut with a guest appearance in the sitcom The New Leave It to Beaver.In 1992, when she was sixteen, Brittany won the role of Mila Rosnovsky on the short-lived syndicated teen drama Swan's Crossing. After high school, she landed the role of Jessica Wakefield in the television series Sweet Valley High (twin sister, Cynthia portrayed Jessica's twin, Elizabeth).During the run of Sweet Valley High, the girls made their film debut in the drama The Basketball Diaries (1995) alongside Leonardo Di Caprio.Brittany had a very active childhood alongside her twin sister and among other activities, they began modelling at a young age.

More recently, she had a regular role in the 9-season long comedy-drama series The Game.Cynthia posted about her recent cleanse, advising fans to make sure to do it with someone who will support you in order to stay on track.The two have also worked with holistic nutritionist and cleanse expert Elissa Goodman, a cancer survivor whose book, In 2016, the sisters documented their enviable adventures traveling the world together, on Instagram, with the hashtag #thetwintravelers.In 2002, Daniel played one of the lead characters in the short-lived Fox series That '80s Show.

In 2002, she played Eric Forman's cousin Penny on That '70s Show.

They now have three children: Ryland, Steely Rose, and Colt. While pregnant with her second child in 2008, she went to the gym with model Camila Alves, who was then pregnant with her first child with actor Matthew Mc Conaughey.


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