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A bride and groom who want some crazy-beautiful interior lighting to go with their crazy-beautiful event venue.The Taft Museum of Art I went to a French-picnic-themed wedding here a few years ago and it was outstanding.Also, this is probably the only place you can get up to 10 Rhinegeist beers on tap.(We'll put in the "plus" column.)A big birthday party for the ultimate beer lover in your group.(There's just something about that whole "no escape" thing that seems like it would work. )16-Bit Bar Arcade This place has been a hotspot since it opened last year.Not a big surprise -- retro video games and alcohol?


Contemporary Arts Center This is the place where Bill Clinton just had a fundraiser, so it's probably an okay place to have a nonprofit event of your own.

A business meeting or event that a) has to be downtown and b) has to have an expansive floor plan.


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