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Girls are significantly more likely than boys to be contacted by someone they do not know.[7] i was chatting to a friend of mine, but slowly realised that it didn't seem like her.

i asked and they replied that they were her cousin.

It is therefore difficult to estimate how many young people are subject to this abuse.

One study indicated that 5 percent of people overall are stalked online.

Of the survey’s participants in this age category, 26.8 percent believe that this conduct is stalking, 43.4 percent believe that it is not, and 21.6 percent are unsure.

Cyber-stalking, online grooming, sexting and illegal and inappropriate content all represent significant cyber-safety and are the focus of this chapter.

45 years ago I had them but I had forgotten about the whole things.


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    28/10/2011 Patch v0.9.2.0 Little Big Mining Log gets vocal: - She will read you all her stats - Added setting to disable auto screenshots - Added setting to disable the display of claim timers - Claim Timers will now be automatically depleted once you finish excavation - Screenshots will now be saved in folders by type/year/month/date - Tool will no longer take global screenshots if you dont enter your username - fixes disabling of global screenshots - fixes autodepletion error for "," decimal separator - fixes remote server returned an error: (417) - removed (417) fix and added communication repetitions to help 408 timeout error 21/10/2011 Patch v0.9.1.0 Adding the ET integration: - Added the possibility to feed ET with chat data and gather ET gift credits - Updated the map of Calypso with the new 3 areas - thanks Corey 'Onciest' Wray - Added a selector for .png/with quality for screenshots of Globals - Removed the unnecessary map Render loops to improve performance - Minipatches that fix the update process should take you up to version 16/10/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.9 - New Release with Statistics: - Added Statistics window for Claim Depth Distribution - Added functionality for Auto Capture of Screenshots for Globals, HOF, ATH, Discoveries and Skill Unlocks - Custom Delay settings for Auto Screenshot Capture (500ms default) - Added Timers on map for undepleted claims showing the time left for extraction - Added a bindable key setting for Depleting of closest claim to stop the counter - Tool windows will now remember their position and size (also a config setting) - Fixed color coding of Arkadia Claims - Fixed scanning of Tower Claims - Added additional help for 304 login error 10/08/2011 Patch v0.8.2.0 Fixing the Auto Update Process: - Fixed issue affecting Windows XP users - Fixed updates done to the update program We kindly ask all users to redownload this full version and we apologize for any inconvinience and downtime post version 0.8. "#FFFFFF" for color coding your claim deeds and player and drop colors.

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