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Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were married on May 5, 2000.

At this time, Brad Pitt was involved with actress Jennifer Aniston. He is now 15-years-old and media speculation has focused on his response to news of his parents’ divorce.

When I was 14, I was either going to be reckless on the streets with my boyfriend or he was going to be with me in my bedroom with my mom in the next room because I was going to have a boyfriend.

She made the choice, and because of it, I continued to go to school every morning and explored my first relationship in a safe way.

It kept me out of trouble.” Billy Bob Thornton had been romantically linked to actress Laura Dern when he began working with Jolie.Angelina hated that unfaithfulness and later vowed she would never sleep with a married man, never inflict the pain her mother had felt on another woman. Jon and Marcheline At the age of eleven she started wearing leather jackets, complete with zippers and studs in the collars.She dyed her hair jet black and her mother quickly enrolled her in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute’s Young Actors Program.Sixteen year-old Angelina slashed her neck, cut an ‘X’ into her arm and sliced her stomach.


An ambulance dash to hospital and a blood transfusion saved her life – just.

Jolie and Thornton finalized their divorce on May 27, 2003. This would make the couple’s third child (first biological) and on May 27, 2006, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born.


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