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The support of wikistyle2html will be discontinued.

Characters of nowiki syntax won **RENAMED** The ID of this plugin has been renamed from wikistyle2html to wikiformatstyling.Use Aliyun CDN or other providers such as Amazon Cloud Front to boost your sites performance.No need to modify any of dokuwiki codes, just config your cloud provider in the settings. So you can show/edit your human-readable wiki dir (e.g.Your sorority board comes up on the first page of a Google search using the exact words in your signature. If you want to make your sorority's message board private, see: Something dated from this year (January 2010) on the college message board is relevant, particularly when it involves chapter finances. Please, for the sake of you and your friends, make this private. In traditional sororities, there's often no lingering proof of what went on behind closed doors, it's all she said/she said, whereas online it's allllll out there. I actually feel bad that someone in their late 30s didn't think to CHECK that the forum she thought was private, was actually private.

People here are just trying to let you know that your info is ALL OVER THE PLACE. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons sororities in an online setting don't work. That one Google search brings up a whole slew of forum posts that share too much information.

Seriously, though, you have links and info that tell people where you work, health information, and more identifying info. This is also why we tell newbies here at GC not to post too much identifying information, if they're a PNM, and don't encourage members to post about private chapter business. She is in her 30s and has a real job (hence my horror at the spelling, grammar and punctuation).


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