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It’s in the Indian Ocean which means the ocean waters are clear, blue, and warm! That also means though that there’s a cyclone season, so be sure to plan your trip during dry season which is from May to November. ) First and foremost, the local currency in Mauritius has Dodo Birds on the bills!Ok now on to the useful information: Most places in Mauritius accept credit cards, but it’s always advisable to get cash out for tips and souvenirs!French, English and Creole are the main languages in Mauritius.English is considered by many as the main business language, however newspapers and TV and radio news are mainly in French.Pineapple plantations can also be seen all over the island.Read more about great Mauritian specialties here Try to visit also the food markets in the major towns such as Port Louis or Flaqc.

The island was created by volcanic activity more than 8 million years ago.I chose to visit it as part of my 2019 bucketlist quest to see the World’s best, and wasn’t disappointed!The scenery is similar to a mini-Hawaii, with lush mountains and a few waterfalls, plus endless clear blue beaches.The majority are descendants from Indian people and are referred to as Indo-Mauritians.

Almost half of the population practise Hinduism, other dominant religions are Roman Catholicism and Islam.There are many scenic waterfalls especially in the south west of the island.



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